Chicago / Lincoln Park Clinic

Sovereign Pediatric Therapy in Lincoln Park provides Speech-Language, Occupational and Physical Therapy for infants, children and adolescents with a wide variety of needs.

Our Chicago clinic in Lincoln Park provides services for both pediatrics and adults. This allows us to offer a unique variety of treatment modalities and skill sets that are exclusive to our clinic, enhancing the treatment of our pediatric patients. In addition to our core services highlighted above, our Chicago clinic has the unique following features:

  • After school and some Saturday appointments
  • Free valet service

Our pediatric team places a high emphasis on evidence-based research, continuing education and collaboration with parents and professionals to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded treatment approach. Every child at our clinic receives therapy that is catered and refined to their individual needs; our pediatric staff firmly believes in identifying every child’s strengths in order to use them advantageously in his or her treatment process.



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